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About Us

I learned to love sewing from my Mom when just in grade school. In college, I began a major in fashion design, taking courses in pattern making & tailoring, then went on to earning an MA in and working as an Interior Designer. So, it was natural for me to end up making  slipcovers. It's really just like designing and tailoring "clothes" for Furniture!

When getting started I admired the exquisitely crafted slipcovered furniture from Quatrine, in Dallas, so I made it my ambition to establish the same level of style and craftsmanship for my workroom. I've even made replacement slipcovers for Quatrine, and Pottery Barn clients, at a fraction of the cost.Our slipcovers are precision sewn on industrial machines, with durable upholstery thread,  and professionally serged seams, to protect them through launderings.

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