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Process for Ordering:


Email me about your project and Email or Text me a photo of your furniture and type of fabric you’d like to use.

STEP 2:  

I will give you a price estimate and yardage and advise how much fabric to buy.


Select a fabric. See recommended fabrics, stores. Remember prints, stripes or checks, depending on size, can add to labor charge.


After we finalize details I will write up your order and email it to you for review.


Purchase your fabric. When your fabric arrives I will schedule a pin fitting and measurement appointment in your home. If it is a chair/s, pillows, cushions, they may be delivered along with fabric to my workroom. If ordering Replacement Slipcovers, you will submit the original slipcover, fabric, and some measurements to our workroom.


50% deposit due on start of the project, balance due when

delivered. This may be a check, money order. Then in 4-8 weeks I will either deliver your slipcover, ship it, pick it up from workroom.

Services and
Price Estimates

Please see pricing and yardage estimates below for specific furniture covers. These are only estimates, since there are a variety of options related to hems, pleats, edging/piping, and specific furniture styles. Once specific design features are determined, we can quote a more exact price. The labor charges do not include the cost of fabric.  I have included estimates of the yardage you will need.  ​

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